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Baccarat play strategy cricket 3d lite ,36% increase in employees' productivity during work from home: Survey\u00a0



Baccarat play strategy

  36% increase in employees' productivity during work from home: Survey\u00a0

work from home, productivity
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36% increase in employees productivity from work from home: Survey 


  • The work from home 'experiment' was successful according to a survey.
  • Studies have shown it has impacted belongingness, and employee communication.
  • According to a survey by Instahyre, there has been a 36 per cent increase in productivity.

The Covid-19 pandemic abruptly disrupted the operations of businesses and forced companies to adopt the remote working culture. The work from home 'experiment' was successful, given the need of the time, with a rise in the demand of technology to keep businesses running smoothly. The continuously changing nature of coronavirus has only accelerated the adoption of work from home and hybrid work models. Though the new work models have significantly increased employee flexibility, studies have shown it has impacted belongingness, employee communication, the onboarding process during the hiring and the health of employees. 

For some employees, working from home has served several opportunities to work independently in more flexible hours. This has a positive impact on the productivity of employees as well. According to a survey by Instahyre, an advanced hiring platform based on artificial intelligence, 87 per cent of the companies have noted that there has been a 36 per cent increase in productivity per employee from work from home.

Given these opportunities, software development, product management and digital marketing roles have thrived in this environment. According to the survey which involved 923 companies which are Fortune 100, mid-size enterprises, unicorns, high growth startups, 92 per cent of the companies prefer targeted hiring as they expand and strengthen their teams. Instahyre had done the survey on IT services and product-based companies.

Furthermore, another survey involving 1,378 companies including Fortune 100 enterprises to high-growth unicorns and startups, said that 97 per cent have expanded and hired 3x as compared to the previous year as they have expanded during work from home. It noted that 12 per cent out of 12,698 employees have mentioned fatigue in their present work environments whereas 62 per cent have been promoted and learned new skills.

A whopping 78 per cent of the respondents said that they prefer flexible work hours, the survey said.

A very interesting trend is that 49 per cent of participant companies have expanded their talent pipeline to Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities - as remote work is adopted. 26 per cent of these companies have hired talent from overseas like South-East Asian countries and other countries of the Indian Subcontinent.

Out of 516 enterprises from IT products and IT services domain (more than 1,00,000 employees) and 1348 high-growth startups and unicorns, 60 per cent said that onboarding under remote work conditions has helped to connect with senior leaders better and get a vision of the company.

Now that the predictions have been made that hybrid and work from home models are likely to continue, organisations are investing in workforce management tools to help supervisors lead the workforce in the new normal. As per the survey findings, distributed workforce management tools spend have increased by 56 per cent in forward-moving organisations. Apart from this, 73 per cent of the companies have also increased their recruitment spending as they reported increased productivity.

The survey said that companies have also increased their spending by 98 per cent and also drafted new policies for the wellbeing of their employees to beat the stress, sense of helplessness and insecurities during the pandemic. 

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